Parish History


St.  Vincent  de  Paul  Catholic  Church was established in August, 1837, when the first Bishop  of  the  newly  created  Vincennes  Diocese decided that the Catholic congregation of this area had swelled sufficiently to merit its own resident priest.


Leo and Margaret Worland were the first Catholics  to settle here in 1826, followed in 1828 by his father and mother, Thomas and Virlinda, and their ten other children.  The first Mass offered in Shelby County was celebrated in their home in the Fall of 1828.  It was Leo who prompted many of our ancestors to come and settle here.


By September 6, 1838, a contract had been signed to build a Church for $619.00 on two acres of land donated by Thomas Worland.  In October, 1839, the new house of God had been dedicated to the patron St.  Vincent de Paul.  The descendents of these hundred plus farm-dwelling families, Beyer, Bogemann, Lux, Runnebohm, Rosenfeld,  Schoentrup and Weintraut are still very much a  part  of our parish today.