Parish Committees

Parish Committees

Benevolent Committee

This committee works together to provide a meal for parishioners and their family members immediately following the burial of a loved one.  The group plans the menu, purchases food, cords and serves.  This service is provided at not cost to the family and is meant to ease the burden in the family’s time of sorrow.

Building, Grounds and Cemetery Committee

The Building, Grounds and Cemetery    Committee lead by Nick Runnebohm work to ensure our  surroundings are here to serve us well for many years  to  come.  They  study   and  make recommendations  for  proposed  capital improvements, review businesses  to  make  improvements  and  supervise major repairs.  General building maintenance, lawn and garden upkeep and hall   rental   contracts   fall  under  this  committee’s responsibility

Evangelization Committee

You could say that Pat and the Evangelization Committee are the “Welcome Wagon” of St. Vincent  de  Paul  Catholic Church.  These members reach out  to  non-active  parishioners and people who do not belong to any church.  They promote an open and inviting community by providing welcome packets/cards/parish newsletters.  Phone calls to the homebound, nursing home visits to cheer residents and newsletter mailings are just a few of their activities

Faith Formation Committee

Rosanna and her fellow parish-elected or pastor-appointed representatives establish policies and set  goals  pertaining  to   the   life-long faith  formation of St. Vincent de Paul parishioners.   They  work   along   with   the  Director   of   Religious   Education    to   implement  the  archdiocesan and deanery educational policies in the faith formation program.  The Commission Chairperson is a voting member of the Parish Council.

Finance Committee

St. Vincent’s purse strings are managed by the Finance Committee.  They prepare and recommend to the Pastor and his Parish Council an annual budget after receiving requests from standing committees and staff members.  This committee oversees the parish expenses versus the budget.   Monthly  and  annual  financial  reports are prepared regarding the status of the parish income and expenditures, extraordinary fund  raising and  other  items  related  to the finances of the parish

Liturgy Committee

The Liturgy Committee’s work is reflected in every Mass celebrated at St. Vincent de Paul.  They are responsible for the training, support and  scheduling of all persons involved in the Liturgical Ministry, i.e., lectors, altar servers,  ExtraOrdinary Ministers of Holy Communion, greeters, ushers, musicians and singers.  Weekly Prayers of the Faithful are prepared by selected members of this group.  This committee also provides  clean altar linens and albs, seasonal décor and the Advent Caring Tree

Social Committee

Joan  and  her  committee  promote  a sense of community through social activities throughout the year.  Their scheduled events include the summer parish   picnic,    welcoming    and   celebratory  receptions  for participants in the Rite of Christian Initiation of Children and Adults Program as well as  celebratory receptions for First Eucharist and Confirmation.  Great food and hospitality is this committee’s specialty.


Social Justice Committee

The goal of the Social Justice Committee  is  to  assist   the  disadvantaged  in  our  parish,  our  community,  the  Archdiocese  and the world.  Serving meals at the Salvation Army, coordinating rides to Mass for the elderly and handicapped along with collecting items for Human Services work hand-in-hand to achieve this goal. This group also supports and promoted Pro-Life activities such as Respect Life Sunday in October and the monthly Pro-Life Mass in Indianapolis.  A spring Tea Party is  hosted  by  the  Social  Justice  Committee.   Proceeds are always donated to local charity.


Knights of Columbus—Fr. Seger Council

Through charitable works and fundraising, the Knights of Columbus want to ease the plight of those  less fortunate.  This helpful fraternity of brothers remain steadfast in their faith and are there in  times  of  distress.  The  K of C are patriotic and proud citizens who value their devotion to God.  Knights and their families unite shoulder to shoulder in support of each other in service to God.   This  organization the second Monday of the moth at 6:30 p.m. in the parish hall.


St. Ann’s Altar Society

St. Ann’s Altar Society is an organization of all female members of St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church united in love and respect for the virtues  of  St. Ann  and  dedicated to the needs of the Church Altar, property and amenities.  Fundraisers, talent and time are the member’ means of continuing these noble activities passed on to use by our grandmothers and the grandmother of Jesus.  This ministry is promoted and performed for the honor and glory of God, for the love and respect of our Church, for the need to take care of Church property and promote goodwill among parishioners.  This group meets on the third Monday of the month except for Jan, Feb, Jul and Aug ) at 7 p.m. in the parish hall.